All organisations, whether public service entities, Small/Medium Enterprises or Corporate Businesses, operate within today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. Added to that challenging landscape is global turbulence, market-competition and the demand for compliance with regulatory requirements. These constant variables can impact significantly on survival and prosperity for organisations. Resilient organisations, however, have the strength and flexibility to adapt and succeed where others may falter.


The history of recent incidents and experience demonstrate that even high-profile organisations can no longer rely on standard risk and incident management mechanisms to maintain the continuity of their business from such environmental challenges.


In order to thrive, successful organisations require the agility to adapt, moving beyond the perceived wisdom of risk and governance principles towards a more integrated resilience based capability.


Organisations which are informed as to their existing resilience activities have KNOWLEDGE. Organisations that use such knowledge can anticipate, assess, prevent and prepare in order to respond and recover – enhancing their protective CAPABILITY. Together, KNOWLEDGE and CAPABILITY will determine the organisational RESILIENCE, enabling business operations to perform the primary business function and realise the corporate vision and values.


Working with you, KCResilience can design from new, or assist in the integration of, your existing resilience capabilities allowing your people, process and organisation to be stronger, flexible and more agile. As a consequence, your organisation will gain confidence, develop competitive advantage over others with less resilience, and provide evidence that your brand, trust and reputation can be relied upon to deliver what you say it will.