We specialise in the design, development and delivery of Organisational Resilience products and services, enabling you to enhance your KNOWLEDGE, strengthen your CAPABILITY, and allow you to realise the value of RESILIENCE within your organisation.


Who needs resilience knowledge?

We emphasise the need to enhance resilience Learning and Development for your

  • People
  • Process and
  • Organisation

We will help you design and implement a learning programme to enhance development of your resilience activities throughout your organisation.


What level of resilience knowledge do you need? All our resilience services are delivered in accordance with guidance and principles enshrined by British Standards Institute (BS) and International Standards for Organisations (ISO), e.g. BS 65000 – Organisational Resilience, BS 11200 – Crisis Management, ISO 22301 – Business Continuity, PAS 555 – Cyber Security Risk.

KCResilience will ensure you, your staff and your organisation are as familiar as we are with these “best in class” standards.

How will you know you have sufficient resilience knowledge? Resilience isn’t a fixed activity or attainment. All resilience activities are dynamic and constantly change according to the environment you operate in. Working with you, we will ensure you’re continually informed of your resilience risks - allowing you to set clear direction and the necessary controls at all times.


What resilience capabilities do you have?

Successful organisations may already have existing resilience capability; it’s just that you may not refer to them as such. However, are your existing capabilities aligned, integrated and complimentary to each other? Do you have a cyber security plan? Does it work? Does your Business Continuity Plan align with your Risk Register? Do you have incident response plans? Are your staff trained in them, do you regularly rehearse them?

If you don’t know or are unsure of your resilience capability, we can help you assess your requirement and advise on potential solutions.

What resilience capabilities do you require?

Whatever your resilience requirements, we deliver an extensive range of protective activities to either develop an outline resilience programme for you where none exists, or strengthening your existing capabilities towards BS 65000 Organisational Resilience - bringing coherence, breaking down silos and creating better integration between operational activity and your strategic intent.

What capability does KCResilience have?

Whatever your resilience requirements are, KCResilience has a wealth of skill, talent and experience dedicated to providing you with first class resilience services.

We comply with BS EN 16114:2011, the best practice standard of Management Consultancy Services and are committed to:

  • Compliance with all regulatory frameworks
  • Effective communication with you, the customer and KCResilience, the supplier
  • Development with you of a transparent proposal including all design, development requirements, outcomes and deliverables, including a defined quality assurance plan


Resilience is concerned with overcoming the unexpected. In other words...bouncing back.

Organisational Resilience is the ability of the whole organisation to not only overcome the unexpected - but to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions. Bouncing forward...and back.


We believe all successful organisations should embrace resilience as an essential element of their leadership and culture. Resilience should be “built in” not merely “bolted on” to your organisational governance and accountability, and to your common vision and purpose. It should help define your success, break down silos and lead to efficiency savings and improvement.

We bring a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in the design, development and delivery of resilience capabilities including business analysis, crisis management, business continuity, training, exercise activity and validation.  We are comfortable dealing with complex issues and environments and will help you develop, deliver and manage a comprehensive range of Organisational Resilience activities allowing you to evidence improvement to your existing resilience capability.

The greater your KNOWLEDGE, the better the integration of your CAPABILITY, the greater improvement of your RESILIENCE

Keith Chamberlain


Keith is a skilled resilience professional with extensive experience in the public and private sector delivering a range of organisational resilience services. He has advised CEO’s, Chief Operating Officers and their teams on integration and implementation of their risk, incident management and wider resilience activities, including test and exercise programmes. Keith has supported organisations throughout the UK and Middle East in a range of sectors including, Oil and Gas, Public Utilities, Information Technology, Financial Services, and Retail and Leisure, including Government services at local, UK National and International level.

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