Cyber Resilience


Digitisation or the use of digital technology is an inextricable element of everyday life. The use of the internet, connectivity with Smartphones, Tablets and mobile data is an increasingly essential element of everyday life. This is the same for businesses and organisations which rely on data exchange through integrated information technology platforms to perform most daily functions and routine tasks.


Many organisations are aware of the general risks but, irrespective the scale of your organisation – the scope of the cyber threat is vast. Whilst significant effort and resource has already been directed towards protective systems to mitigate the increasing threat, cyber attackers are constantly working to overcome them. And they will – fact!


So how resilient is your organisation against cyber incidents?


Using our integrated resilience approach, we can help you respond to that question and allow you to map out where your current cyber-resilience capability is. Furthermore, we can put your capability to the test to assess how effective and efficient your response processes are against the threat, or following a specific attack. Investigation of a cyber attack is critical, but it is your response and recovery from an attack that will determine your resilience and longer term future.



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